Saturday, 11 January 2014

Two Further Points

(i) In his recent interview with Padraig O'Mealoid (See three posts back here), Alan Moore says several times that various people have a right to their opinions. This need not be said. We have no authority to deny anyone a right to their opinions so it is unnecessary to affirm that right. Saying this usually signals dislike of or disagreement with the said opinions so it is better just to proceed directly to the point of disagreement.

(ii) Alan Moore asks admirers of Grant Morrison's works to stop reading his. It doesn't work like that. We read what we want to. I read right wing writers although my views are left wing and I hope that right wing readers do not deny themselves the pleasure of reading the works of leftists. Literature divided into mutually hostile camps who do not even read each others' outputs is unthinkable.

Out of respect for Alan's views as the creator of Watchmen, I have not bought any Before Watchmen and have read only one issue that someone had at a comics group gathering. Alan Moore has moral rights as the creator of these characters but cannot legitimately ask me not to check out anything written by Morrison. I am pleased to see that Marvel Comics are re-issuing Miracleman.

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