Sunday, 12 January 2014

Smallville: Nocturne

Season 2, Episode 5

I thought, and I think we were meant to think, that Byron, chained by his parents in a cellar by day, would turn out to be a werewolf whereas, instead, his condition, changed appearance and increased strength in daylight, results from a medical experiment with no supernatural intervention or even meteoric influence and, of course, Luthorcorp involved.

I am not sure whether Byron has become a permanent new friend of Lana? Each episode continues the emotional difficulties between Clark and Lana even if it does not refer directly to the events of the previous episode.

The major plot development, which could not have been predicted, is Martha Kent becoming Lionel Luthor's executive assistant. Also, Lionel continues to regard Clark as a remarkable young man, a worrying development. I am years behind everyone else with Smallville. Most of these developments are new to me as they happen although, of course, I have had some reports on what is to come.

Lionel, teaching his son moral lessons from the Greek myths, describes Prometheus as a son of Zeus. I thought that Prometheus was a Titan, thus more like an uncle of Zeus? - but the myths exist in different versions.

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