Sunday, 12 January 2014

Smallville: Red

Season 2, Episode 4

The introduction of red kryptonite but with a difference. Originally, green kryptonite weakened and killed whereas red had bizarre, unpredictable physical effects, anything from an animal head to a drastic change in size. Now, less implausibly, green affects a Kryptonian physically whereas red affects him mentally.

For the first time, Pete Ross is part of the Kent team and able to help. He gets close enough to Clark to open a lead box containing green kryptonite so that Clark is incapacitated long enough for his red kryptonite ring to be removed, thus restoring his usually benign personality. Clark apologizes to Lana for his uncharacteristic behavior but cannot explain fully and Lana has had enough of the mystery from Clark. She, Lex and maybe Chloe, if sworn to secrecy, should be brought onto the team, like Pete, but that is not going to happen.

Did I miss something or is there a guy still at large who saw Clark shoot three bullets onto his palm only to have the flattened bullets fall from unbroken skin? This happened in front of the blind Lionel who has retrieved the flattened bullets and who found something interesting in Clark when the latter was under the influence of the red k. Clark almost told Lex what he was really capable of so the secret is always just near the surface.

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