Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Smallville: Duplicity

Season 2, Episode 3

In the comics, Pete Ross was introduced as the friend who found out that Clark Kent was Superboy. In a later comic book version, Pete did not know that Clark was super-powered although his wife, Lana, did because Clark had shared this with her before leaving Smallville.

In the Smallville TV series, Pete has existed as a friend for one season and two episodes before Clark is forced to confide in him in a story that bears no resemblance to the original "Pete finds out" scenario. This Pete cannot see Clark changing costume because this Clark does not wear a costume.

What else happens? Hamilton is yet another character who learns too much but then dies. Will there be another mad scientist coincidentally called Professor Hamilton in Metropolis? Luthor Castle gains the now blind Lionel Luthor as a semi-permanent resident. Lionel has felt the spaceship... The truth is always just out of Lex's reach. Lex tells Clark that he has a problem trusting anyone who has deceived him once... This is the basic tragedy of this version of the Superman story.

In the current film series, a Lexcorp logo is seen while Kal-El fights Zod in Metropolis. Kal and Lex will first meet there, as they did in the first Christopher Reeves film and in John Byrne's comic book revamp.

Some elements in the alloy of the spaceship not in the periodic table? Is that possible?

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