Saturday, 18 January 2014

Why Collect The New Edition?

I have the Eclipse Miracleman complete either in the original comics or in the collected editions so why buy the current Marvel Comics reprints? Good question. I might have discontinued the order after checking out no 1. However, re-analyzing these early episodes, and comparing them with the Mick Anglo reprints, has enabled me to post quite a lot, which I enjoy doing, and it also helps that some people read the blog. Comments from anyone reading this character for the very first time would be particularly welcome.

I regard Miracleman as a culmination of superheroes as initiated by Superman in 1938 and, of course, Superman had several earlier roots - but I have discussed this earlier on the blog. (See here.) It matters that Miracleman is kept in print in durable editions and whether anyone can surpass it remains to be seen.

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