Friday, 3 January 2014

Sixties Talk

For someone who was in his childhood in the sixties, Neil Gaiman exactly captures the feel of 1960's counterculture speech in his Swamp Thing Annual. Brother Power, shot by a swearing emergency service worker, says:

"Don't go-go uptight brother I'm telling it like it is...That's not a very beautiful people thing to do, you dig?"
- Neil Gaiman, Midnight Days (New York, 1999), p. 30.


"I'm on an 'All living things are my brothers' trip. And on an 'All non-living things are also my brothers' trip." (p. 52)

And, when Brother Power sets off to find America, that would-be hippy, Chester, comments:

"...that's like a really kinda sixties thing to do..." (p. 54)

Brother Power was disrupting rescue operations by growing large multiple bodies, as the plant elemental, Swamp Thing, had done in Gotham City. However, Chester persuades the brother to change direction just by talking to him while meanwhile Abby receives intelligence on this puppet elemental from the Green. Thus, for once, the counterculture types and the defenders of the status quo manage to work in harmony and maybe to save a few lives.

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