Wednesday, 8 January 2014

LEG 2009

In Alan Moore's and Kevin O'Neill's The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Century: 2009 (Marietta and London, 2012), Orlando, who started her fighting career in Troy, meets another "...combat veteran..." (p. 3) or immortal soldier, Colonel Cuckoo, who started later, in the Napoleonic Wars. I did not recognize Cuckoo but he can be identified by googling.

Emma Peel, now Head of the Secret Service, is addressed both as "Mother" and as "Em," which is neat. I think that the James Bond replacements resemble post-Connery actors?

I also think that Norton refers to the film travesty of From Hell. Thus, Alan Moore can incorporate even some really bad stuff into the LEG Universe.

When the Anti-Christ says that he is in a book of the Bible, the unnamed but recognizable Mary Poppins replies that she is on every page. Who is on every page of the Bible? Even God is not. Unless she is Imagination, as in Promethea? (She does mention imagination.)

There is a lot more than this in any volume of LEG but these are the points that have caught my attention on this rereading.

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