Sunday, 25 January 2015

Smallville: Aqua

I am watching Smallville Season 5 but no longer posting about individual episodes. It is all one long, confusing narrative.

Jor-El speaks through Lionel Luthor.
Resurrections should not be so quick and easy.
Why should someone Clark loves die because he was resurrected?
Why are more people not more surprised about Clark's resurrection?
Clark thinks that he can be with Lana and keep his secret from her?
Or even that he should?
He accuses Lex Luthor of lying?
Gabriel wants to stop meteor freaks by destroying Smallville? (Makes sense in terms of comic book villains' logic.)

Episode 4 neatly introduces Arthur Curry and Brainiac. Arthur ("AC") once addresses CK as "Super Boy" and later suggests that they form a Junior Lifeguards Association. CK spells out the initials just in case we don't get the message. AC and CK sabotage a Luthorcorp weapon. Perfect. CK starts investigative work for Fine's book on Luthorcorp. But Fine is also hiding something. This is better than all the meteor stuff in the opening episodes.

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