Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Smallville: Thirst

Professor Milton Fine lectures on the Roman Empire, comparing it to Luthorcorp. He reveals, to the viewers, some of his alien aspect and agenda. Cooperation between Clark and Lex is not finished yet. Lex is concerned about Clark's friendship with Fine since the latter is accessing confidential Luthorcorp documents.

Vampirism is not supernatural but meteor- and Luthorcorp experiment-related. Chloe gets a part time job at the Planet. The pre-White Managing Editor, played by Carrie Fisher, has the same surname as a former DC Comics Publisher.

Since Clark attends University not in Metropolis but in Kansas, he commutes from the farm so, to that extent, the series is still set in Smallville, not in Metropolis yet. Is an American degree course three years in length? Is that how many seasons there are about Clark, Lana and Chloe in higher education?

Plenty of close-ups of the gorgeous Chloe but I thought that the Sorority deserved an image as well.

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