Sunday, 1 February 2015

Smallville: Exposed And Splinter

Maggie Sawyer! What can I say? Chloe addresses a policewoman as "Detective Sawyer," and later the policewoman introduces herself as "Maggie Sawyer"! Except that apparently she has appeared in Smallville before and I didn't notice!

The conclusions of Professor Fine's lectures are interesting. They are not really academic, more like literary reflections on "human nature," which, of course, Fine can look at from the outside. Lex should have noticed by now that he has lost a security man at the Black Ship. Fine resembles Namor.

Lionel Luthor seems to be still a regular guy, not manipulative like before. It didn't ring true when Clark heard him blackmailing Jonathan and sure enough that was Clark's silver kryptonite induced paranoia. Lionel is now giving Lex insightful advice about how he is and how he appears to other people and is also opposing Lex's political ambitions, apparently for good reasons. Lex Luthor has come a long way since he first appeared as a comic book villain. This is the best version yet.

A lot of the characters cannot trust each other and with good reason. Lana is now concealing from Clark that Lex has shown her the Black Ship.

Go, Chloe!

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