Thursday, 12 February 2015

Smallville: Void (Interrupted)

My dvd is faulty and will have to be replaced so I have not yet seen this episode in full but man this is some pretty weird stuff about using meteor rocks to induce near death experiences and Lana does it to meet her dead parents for comfort and consolation because she has just been ex'ed by Clark, one bad idea leading to another.

What we need is some ordinary stories about:

Martha and Clark running the farm;
Martha as a Senator;
Lionel continuing to prove that he can be a genuine friend to Martha;
Clark at University in Kansas;
Lana and Chloe at University in Metropolis;
Chloe working part time at the Daily Planet;
Maggie Sawyer in the Metropolis Police Department;
Lois working at the Talon cafe in Smallville;
Lex running Luthorcorp;
other future superheroes meanwhile maturing elsewhere is this TV version of the DC Universe.

Is this not more than enough?

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