Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Smallville: Fanatic

A State Senate seat is a stepping stone: neat alliteration, Lex. That poor actress had to shave her hair off to play the part of a Lex fanatic. Lex's dirt digger, Griff, is found dead in Suicide Slum. Has Lionel committed murder again? What was the photo that he bought from Griff and burned?

The opening scene was, unusually, a preview. That was confusing for a while.

Duplicity was built into the Superman concept from the first comic strip episode where he hid his costume under Clark Kent's suit. In Smallville, the duplicity has become a tragedy of Greek Classical proportions. It is poisoning Clark's relationship with Lana and will be the root cause of the Superman-Luthor conflict.

Clark confides in Chloe about his reticence with Lana. The relationship was good only when he didn't have his powers. Now he is cautious because he doesn't know what he will do. And Lana is still investigating the meteors and reaching conclusions. There is no good reason for Clark not to confide in her just as there was no good reason for Hamlet not to take action against Claudius.

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