Monday, 13 April 2015

Smallville: Combat

Another beautifully filmed episode. The prologue shows a fight between Kal-El and a Zoner, then, after the credits, the action starts a couple of days earlier. The Internet fights to the death scenario is presented really well. Superman does not kill but maybe this is because he did do it earlier and had learned not to? This is one version of that. Titan is a good loser. With something sharp sticking out of his chest, he smiles, says, "Good fight," and dies.

Lana loses her baby. She asks Lex, "Why is all this happening?" Because she married a Luthor. Lex is hiding something about her pregnancy. He has killed her doctor and burned the records. His duplicity is on display (to us) when he pretends to be horrified to hear that the doctor died in a car accident on his and Lana's wedding day. Lionel has covered up well. (Lex accepted Chloe's help at the wedding although he had had her kidnapped, examined and memory-wiped as a meteor freak and then told his staff to keep her under observation.)

The covert battle between Lex Luthor and the as yet unnamed Justice League has begun. Lex watches a video of the green archer shooting out the camera in a Luthorcorp facility.

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