Monday, 13 April 2015

Smallville: Progeny

Lana's pregnancy was faked and she was shown false pictures of a fetus. That is the single most important development in this episode. But why was Lex unable to continue the deception and what will now happen between him and Lana? Clark is asking what changed Lana's mind about the wedding. Lionel was capable of threatening to kill Clark but is probably not able to do it. He reverts to his old self when it is a question of Luthor interests but becomes a genuinely better person around Martha Kent.

We still do not know what Chloe's meteor power is. Something to do with accessing or controlling computers?

I forgot to mention when posting about "Combat" - Lex knows that Titan was not human and was defeated by someone more powerful than himself. Clark destroyed the cameras in the fight arena but are there not videos of him arriving in the arena before he did that?

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