Friday, 10 March 2017

Smallville: Lazarus

I saw Logan today but maybe it is too soon for spoilers.

Smallville: The Final Season, disc 1, begins with a trailer for the Green Lantern film.

To share Lex's memories, his clones would need not only bodies based on his DNA but also his RNA somehow inserted into their brains. Lex would not give them his memories if he wanted them only for body parts. There seems to be an assumption that a human clone is not only a genetic duplicate of an organism but also an exact duplicate of a person.

Clark wrongly assumed that it was Jor-El who had the power to give him a second chance at life. But who was it? Since Clark fell from the roof of the Daily Planet building without his powers, why was his body not damaged by the impact when it hit the street? How come he is back in an NDE scenario speaking to Jonathan at the end of the episode?

I think it is a bit much and over the top to have Darkseid invading at this stage. There is already more than enough going on to help Clark to become Superman. I think that the costume should first have appeared right at the end of the last episode.

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