Saturday, 27 April 2013

Iron Man 3 Spoilers

OK. What is clever here?

Tony meets a couple of fan boys.
A reference to Downton Abbey (incredible).
The on screen "Mandarin" terrorist leader is a Brit actor who did a good Lear in Croydon.
I really thought that Pepper had died.
There are references to the Avengers, of course.
Tony and Iron Patriot have to spend a lot of time coping without their armour.
Tony's Malibu house overlooking the sea gets trashed real good.
Control the Vice-President, then kill the President - a stunt common to Garth Ennis' The Boys.
Tony rescuing people falling from a plane was a good performance by a sky-diving team.
Villain motivated by early rejection by hero, as in The Incredibles.
The post-credits dialogue that the whole cinema audience knew to wait for was just a joke (but I didn't recognise the doctor).

Wouldn't someone recognise the Mandarin? 

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