Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The Boys Vol 8: Highland Laddie

The Boys by Garth Ennis was an ongoing series with three miniseries. In the collected editions, each miniseries is a single volume. I have just bought and read vol 8 which is the second mini, Highland Laddie. This is my third reading of the mini but the first as a single volume. I laughed aloud twice which I had not done before.

Wee Hughie revisits the Scottish seaside village where he grew up. Garth gives us scenery, nostalgia, frustration at the way life has gone, flashbacks both to New York and to Hughie's childhood, childhood adventures that are not too implausible, interesting villains, a surprise visit from Annie, a summary of her very different American childhood, the beginning of a credible reconciliation between Hughie and Annie thanks to Annie's admirable perseverance and despite Hughie's incredible obtuseness and an unexpected character who slightly advances the main story.

This kind of stuff is much better in a single volume and should be published this way in the first place.

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