Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Smallville: Stray

What occurs here?

A telepath who learns Clark's secret and doesn't die at the end of the episode. He could become a hero later.

Again, the telepathy is not caused by the meteors but this is a version of the DC Universe where strange things happen all over.

Telepathy is a good way for us to learn about Chloe's feelings towards Clark.

A comic book character, Warrior Angel, a strange visitor from another planet who helps people. Lex was a fan because Warrior Angel is bald. Ryan the telepath doesn't need Warrior Angel as a hero now that he has Clark.

Lex defies Lionel by staying in Smallville.

A good chase scene in a bowling alley.

Clark uses X ray vision, super strength and super speed to good effect.

All three Kents have now been involved in car accidents.

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