Saturday, 19 October 2013

Dredd And V

Finally saw the second Judge Dredd feature film, Dredd. What can I say? Dredd and Anderson are perfect. John Wagner, introducing the film at the Lakes International Comic Art Festival, hoped that the fans would be able to get past the fact that the vehicles in the opening car chase are recognizably from the twentieth century.

Why should we have to get past it? I would not have seen this as a problem. These recognizable vehicles look far more authentic than any fake futuristic cars or vans would have done. It looks as if the action occurs in a real place. Dredd is exactly as in the comics. I am less familiar with Anderson but she is good here.

The cinema was patrolled by two Judges. Since we went straight from the film to a stage adaptation of V, we saw the authentically costumed Judges, then V, in the flesh. Since the "stage" was simply the floor in front of the first row, in which we were sitting, we could have touched V and Evey.

Valerie's letter was extremely moving.

Dredd and V have in common that we never see their faces. It seemed appropriate to go directly from a Dredd film to a V play.

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