Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Thor: The Dark World

The DC multiverse had the Crisis on Infinite Earths;
Michael Moorcock's Multiverse has the Conjunction of the Million Spheres;
now, the Marvel Movieverse has the Convergence of the Nine Worlds.

Everything changes but the story continues. The Original Darkness returned to destroy the Light in Alan Moore's Swamp Thing, where it was recognized that Light and Darkness interpenetrate: "Where is evil in all the wood?"

There are two unexpected deaths in the film and at least one of them seems not to have happened or to have been reversed, of course.

A dweller in Asgard, a so called "Asgardian", is a god, an as, of which the plural is Aesir, so this is the word that should be used. Vanaheim also appears in the film. Its inhabitants are the Vanir, the other Northern pantheon.

Loki appears briefly as another superhero, thus, effectively, allowing an appearance by that hero in this film.

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