Thursday, 31 October 2013

Thor: The Dark World II


scenes in the realm of dark elves, filmed in Iceland;
also, scenes in London with action alternating between them;
interaction between a small group of mortals and the Aesir;
Thor temporarily separated from his hammer having to travel by Underground;
- and falling past the windows of a London office building;
good visuals for Asgard;
a reference to Odin's father;
as before, a well-cast Odin, Thor and Loki;
Loki's perpetual combination of being hard done by with irreconcilable malice;
a former Doctor Who unrecognizable under his dark elf make-up;
the strong sense of a continuing story both for Thor and for the Movieverse.

Any bad points?:

"the aether" is not the best name for the force of darkness;
Thor refers to himself as a man.

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