Thursday, 14 July 2016

Smallville: Kara

Lana faked her death with her inanimate clone which she had stolen from Lex but why had Lex cloned Lana? And was her fake pregnancy ever explained?

Even with two hearing aids and the volume turned high, I am having trouble hearing much of the dialogue.

A premise throughout this series is that Clark cannot fly yet, although he has done so once or twice in emergencies, but this is contradicted by Kara flying without effort.

Krypton was in a civil war against Zod when Kara departed shortly after Kal-El. She has spent eighteen years in suspended animation and it is news to her that Krypton is no more.

Lois gets her job at the planet, sitting opposite Chloe.

The DCU equivalent of SHIELD got Kara's spaceship but lost it but have its crystal. The voice of Jor-El tells Clark that Zor-El did not have good motives and that he, Clark, must watch Kara.

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