Thursday, 21 July 2016

Superman Returns And Smallville Season 6

Watching dvds: 

Superman Returns almost gives us another Death of Superman. He has fallen to Earth and is unconscious in a Metropolitan hospital. We see a Daily Planet headline, "SUPERMAN IS DEAD," then, as the camera pulls back, we realize that it is one of two possible headlines prepared in advance. The other is "SUPERMAN LIVES!" An empty hospital bed is like the Empty Tomb.

Kevin Spacey continues Gene Hackman's Lex Luthor very well. Luthor continues his fascination with real estate. Perry White turns out to have a convenient nephew, Richard. Perry had one son, T.J., in the Superboy TV series and another, Jerry, in Superman comics.

This film is in the same continuity as the Christopher Reeve films but thematically is intermediate between them and the current film series.

In Smallville Season 6, Green Arrow has a mini-series within the series. Instead of a boxing glove arrow, he develops an electromagnetic pulse arrow that neutralizes nearby electrical systems and even dissipates an astral projection. In the Arrow TV series, Ollie has an embezzlement arrow. Striking a wall near a computer, it affects the computer and transfers funds out of a bank account. Both versions of Ollie go after corporate crime instead of street crime. Excelsior!

Raya could have been a version of Supergirl but died fighting a Zoner. In Season 7, Kara arrived.

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