Saturday, 16 July 2016

Smallville Season 7

Viewing is interrupted because one disc is defective so the box has to be replaced. It is weird seeing yet another former Superman actor playing a completely different and, in this case villainous, role. Is Dean Cain's immortal villain related to Vandal Savage?

In an earlier season, Clark and Lana had a frustratingly off-off relationship whereas now they have a satisfyingly on-on relationship, especially when Lana is temporarily super-powered and their sexual activity causes seismic activity.

Zor-El was a traitor who tried to kill Jor-El? The Martian Manhunter cannot be lying so this must be true. The idea that Jor-El and the Manhunter cooperated in interstellar law enforcement is a total continuity change. The Manhunter is no longer just an alien stranded on Earth by teleportation.

Also, Kara just being called Kara Kent and living on the farm is a big change. When script-writers already know the relationships between the characters, they can change them around any way they want.

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