Monday, 9 January 2017

A Changing Origin Story

Originally, Oliver Queen learned archery on a mesa but later it was changed to an island.

The Longbow Hunters summarized the island origin story and introduced two new ongoing characters, Shado and Eddie Fyers.

The Year One Annual put one other person on the island.

GAY1 put a lot of other people on the island; Ollie lied when he said he was alone.

Arrow put a different large group of people on the island, including among them Shado and a different version of Fyers. Shado teaches Ollie archery. Arrow also made Queen's motivation more like that of the Batman. The hooded archer vigilante is an avenger, not an adventurer. He is fulfilling his dead father's last wish and is targeting a list of named criminals, not crime in general. The Batman's only specific target was Joe Chill. In Arrow, Queen goes straight to a hood without a mask but nevertheless conceals his face.

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