Saturday, 14 January 2017

From Starling City And The Island Back To Smallville And Metropolis

On dvds, I have gone from Arrow, Season One, final episode, to Smallville, Season Eight, episode 1. On the island, Ollie kills Fyres who had killed Shado's father.

In Starling City:

the good guys switch off the Undertaking device just in time but there is another device;
Ollie saves the Glades but not the East Side of the City;
Glades residents loot before escaping;
Moira is arrested;
Martin Merlyn has been publically exposed by Moira and defeated by Ollie - but is he arrested or does he escape?;
Ollie and Laurel are back together;
Tommie dies saving Laurel.

In Smallville:

the scenery and action make it look more like a feature film than a TV episode;
the Martian Manhunter gets Clark's powers back for him but loses his own but they will have to return;
with Lionel dead and Lex missing, there is a new acting Luthorcorp CEO;
Chloe has lost her healing power but gained enhanced intelligence (?);
there are versions of Ollie and Dinah different from those in Arrow;
there is a proto-JLA, as in the DC movieverse;
this JLA is Ollie, Dinah, Clark, Arthur Curry, Cyborg, Bart and the Martian Manhunter;
they are saboteurs/terrorists to Luthorcorp;
Clark leaves the farm and starts at the Planet but is not yet in costume.

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