Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Origins And Essences

Superman has to be strong and fast and to wear a recognizable version of the familiar costume. Flight became an essential power very early. I do not think that an extraterrestrial origin is essential. In Smallville, Clark Kent could be a meteor freak.

The Batman has to:

see his parents shot dead in front of him at the age of five;
train hard for twenty years;
be inspired by a bat flying through the window;
dress like a bat to fight crime;
hang out in the Cave -

- but why did Joe Chill not kill the witness, Bruce?

Wonder Woman has to be a super-strong Amazon.

Aquaman has to be amphibious and strong and fast under water but not necessarily Atlantean.

The Flash would be nothing without speed but his top speed can vary a lot.

The Martian Manhunter has to be a Martian with unusual powers.

Oliver Queen:

has to get off a yacht and onto an island where he will learn archery and survival skills;
falls and swims or is thrown and floats or escapes in a lifeboat when the sabotaged yacht sinks;
is alone or very far from alone on the island;
is self-taught or taught;
in the Year One Annual, escapes from one island only to land on another;
in Arrow, returns to a complicated family scenario that did not exist in previous versions.

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