Thursday, 29 May 2014

Smallville: Hereafter

Is Jonathan dead at the end? No, I know he lives longer than that. Jordan thinks Adam died?

When Jordan touches people, he foresees their deaths but Clark can prevent a foreseen death, thus affecting the lives of others and potentially changing the circumstances of their deaths as well.

Jonathan avoids contact with Clark but, when Clark touches him from behind, Jonathan sees a red cape flying down to
Earth. He says it is as if Clark will live forever. In Robert Heinlein's Future History, Pinero has a machine that accurately measures the time of birth and death of anyone. He measures Lazarus Long's world line but returns Long's money without telling him the result. We know that Long lives a very long time, possibly forever.

Kryptonian lifetimes are certainly longer than Terrestrial but, even if we know Kal-El's ultimate fate in a comics continuity, it will not necessarily be the same in Smallville continuity.

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