Tuesday, 27 May 2014

X-Men: Days Of Future Past

I am not even going to try to make sense of the time travel nonsense in this film.

If there is a Sentinels-dominated future and if Wolverine is sent from that future to 1973 to initiate a timeline without a Sentinels-dominated future and if he succeeds, then he initiates a timeline in which there are no fire-breathing Sentinels attacking Xavier. He does not initiate a timeline in which fire-breathing Sentinels are attacking Xavier but suddenly Sentinels and Xavier disappear (and, furthermore, the building they were in continues to exist but is empty). {Addendum: Thank you for the comment correcting my inconsistent spelling.}

If Xavier sends Wolverine back to 1973, then maybe Wolverine succeeds in initiating an alternative timeline diverging from 1973 but that does not change the fact that the Xavier who sent Wolverine back to 1973 remains in the undesirable timeline.

The film seems to treat different (earlier and later) times as different places existing at the same time!

How can Xavier possibly know to ask Wolverine, "What is the last thing you remember?"

Why does Wolverine's consciousness from the future remain in the present?

When his older mind entered his younger body, where did his younger mind go? (This question can be answered in more than one way. My problem is that the question is not even asked.)

The school had closed down. Does this sound as if Wolverine had gone back to a different past?

How come the school was functioning as normal again at the end of the film? We did not see anything to explain this.


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  2. Ahem.. it's S-E-N-T-I-N-E-L-S.. not S-E-N-T-I-N-a-L-S.. sorry...

  3. Thanks. Have you got any comment on the time travel logic, though?

  4. Sorry, I hadn't realized that this was a blog about time travel logic, because if I had, I would almost certainly not have read it! I've no interest in the time travel aspects of this movie, as it doesn't exist, and in this film, it was only a plot device to allow the actual story to occur..

  5. But the story doesn't exist without the time travel.
    This is a blog about comics and comics-related films, TV series, books and events. I have another blog about time travel logic.

  6. Yeah, and I avoid that one like the plague.. there's simply not enough talk about cake for my liking!

  7. Your secret identity and fatal weakness are both revealed.

  8. I wouldn't say that my identity was secret or supposed to be to be honest.. it was the only account that I had, without creating a new one, that allowed me to post here! Also to many that name is a complete giveaway, and as for the use of my symbol..