Friday, 16 May 2014

Smallville: Relic

The John Byrne/Marv Wolfman Lex Luthor grew up in Suicide Slum and murdered his parents. The Smallville Lionel Luthor turns out to have lied about his Scottish aristocratic past. In fact, he grew up in Suicide Slum and his parents were murdered. He gives implausible reasons why he did not follow this up. Lex and he will "find out who did it" but Lionel looks guilty as Hell. Is Lex onto this or is he unable to think such a thing of his father?

The Kents, Langs, Luthors and Els have been interacting for three generations: kind of implausible. The first time an El prevented a Luthor from committing a crime was in 1961. Kal-El's father prevented Lex's grandfather from robbing Lana's great-aunt.

The Kryptonian tech in the cave is a bit hard to take. Paintings suddenly become machinery. We keep moving imperceptibly closer to the full story of how Clark came to Earth, to Smallville, to the Kent farm.

Lana is learning that she should let go of Clark.The pictures show Loise Lang, Lex Luthor and Lionel Luthor.

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