Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Smallville: Magnetic

Is there a Magnet Boy or a Magnetic Boy in the comics? (Apparently, there was a Magnetic Kid in the Legion.)

The magnetically powered villain, which he turns out to be, learns that Clark is bullet-proof but goes into a coma and might not remember anything when, or if, he wakes.

I am more interested in what is going on between the Luthors, Edge and Chloe. Lionel blackmailed Chloe so she tried to blackmail him back. Bad move but good guy Lex promises his protection. We move slightly closer to whether Lionel murdered his parents. Did we know that Edge is meant to be dead?

The on-going story continues but meteor powers generate drama in individual episodes. We still do not know what deal Jonathan struck with Jor-El's technological ghost.

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