Sunday, 15 June 2014

Smallville: Covenant

Amazing that the recorded personality of Jor-El can use a human being to fake a Kryptonian, complete with powers greater than Clark's as yet. The casual killing of human beings means that Jor-El's plans are not something that Clark can buy into. In this version of the story, Kal-El has not been sent as " only son..." because Terrestrials need "...the light to show them the way."

We learn what deal Jonathan made with Jor-El. Lionel remains a master of manipulation but Lex has become immune. Lionel reveals that he is dying only when he wants to influence Lex to get him out of prison. Lex is definitely moving into Clark's territory with Lana.

Lionel, in prison, knows that Lex has been poisoned and that the Sullivan's safe house has blown up with them in it. However, Lex has to survive and I understand that Chloe does also. Lionel should not have been able to influence a witness. Clark should not allow himself to be influenced against Lex with whom he has been consistently and systematically dishonest.

Lionel does not know what has happened to the FBI guy or Clark. How long will Clark be away and what will he be like when he comes back?

This was an appropriate episode to watch on Fathers' Day.

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