Saturday, 14 June 2014

Smallville: Talisman; Smallville: Forsaken

What exactly is the relationship between one Native American tribe and Krypton? Interpreting the prophecy, Lex suggests that the super-strong savior from the stars could become a tyrant and therefore that the person brave enough to oppose him is the real hero of the story. This fits with Lex Luthor later seeing himself as the champion of terrestrial humanity against extraterrestrial super-humanity.

Both Lana and Pete are leaving Smallville. Does Lois arrive in Season Four? Two more super-powered villains go to Belle Reve. One is in a convenient coma but the other is able to walk through walls and escape.

Clark decides to tell Lana, then doesn't. This makes less and less sense and is unfortunately predictable.

Lionel suggests yet again that letting the Metropolis Police suspect Lex of murder was a way of strengthening Lex. It makes sense that when Lex works with the FBI to bring down his father, Lionel is able to pay one of the FBI men to sabotage the investigation.

Despite this, Chloe is able to help Lex get Lionel arrested for the murder of his parents. That was unexpected by me. Lionel has to die or otherwise exit sometime to leave the way clear for Lex to rebuild LexCorp and become Superman's enemy.

Lionel compares Lex to Judas so who is he comparing himself, a self-confessed murderer, to?

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