Friday, 27 June 2014

Smallville: Crusade and Smallville: Gone

Not only does Lois Lane show up and meet Lana Lang but the old Lois Lane, Margot Kidder, shows up and meets the former Lana Lang who is now playing Martha Kent. Margot Kidder's new character says that Dr Swann and she had something in a previous life. Sure, they were Superman and Lois Lane.

How did Dr Swann get any kind of Kryptonite, let alone Black? It is unexplained here. I googled it but presumably it will show up again with some explanation. How Lex saved Chloe's life while faking her death is classic.

Lionel drops all pretense when he threatens Lex. Lionel going down for murder was unexpected. But he has to be got out of the way somehow so that Lex can control LuthorCorp - and maybe rename it?

The black helicopters are a modern myth, as Neil Gaiman said in American Gods. This time, they were not really threatening Clark and Lois. Sam Lane looks and sounds just right.

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