Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Smallville: Facade

I did not really follow what was going on with the plastic surgery - it seems that we can accept that something weird is going on in any particular episode without understanding what it is - but the main changes are:

Clark, Lana and Chloe are in their Senior Year at Smallville High (Lana is back from Paris but Pete is still gone);
Lois is having to repeat her Senior Year, in Smallville High;
she is working with Chloe on the Torch;
Clark has joined the football team;
Martha will be working for Lex at the Talon;
Lana is researching ancient languages connected with her tattoo and with Kryptonese;
she is in a relationship with the Assistant Football Coach;
no mention in this episode of Lionel but one of the opening images for this season is of him in front of the Daily Planet building so is he going to take over that newspaper, assuming that he can get out of prison?

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