Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Smallville: Transference

Smallville: Transference is an excellent mind-body transference story, a theme previously addressed by:

HG Wells;
Arthur Conan Doyle;
Tim Powers;
a Star Trek episode;
a Superman comic.

Even when Lionel expresses regret and wants to hold Lex's hand, this is only a way to put Lex in prison and get himself out. When Lionel in Clark's body tries to move funds by phone, he fails voice ID. When he blackmails Clark in his body to make the call, he finds that Lex has already moved the funds.

When everything is returned to normal, Lex asks Clark why Lionel as Clark was so strong, and Clark lies. Lex asks Clark if he knows how the transference was effected and Clark lies. The recovery of Lionel's liver is unexpected but I suspect that an even bigger change has happened inside Lionel right at the end of the episode?

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