Sunday, 6 July 2014

Smallville: Run

So the first Flash that we meet in Smallville is Bart Allen and the others are just fake ID's that he has used? Bart is faster than Clark and, unlike Clark, can run on water.

Bart tells Chloe that he ran back from the future. A joke maybe but also a reference to the comics. Clark keeps lying to Lex. I am not clear why Bart's fence contacted Lex or why Lex put Metropolis PDU onto him.

Kryptonese symbols are all over Earth, not just in that cave near Smallville. A big story of interstellar contact is waiting to be told. Lionel remains off-stage and unmentioned but I see from the plot summaries inside the CD cover that he will be back big time in the next episode.

Each version of the story is different but I am finding that the differences have their own logic.

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