Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Smallville: Unsafe

Alicia is back. Clark tells Martha that his and Alicia's marriage was illegal, which it was, but can he prove this in court? Until he does, surely it remains legal? And surely Jonathan and Martha understand the effects of Red K? McBride is deranged to try killing Clark. Alicia acts instantly to preserve Clark's secret by teleporting in front of the bullet. But surely she survives too easily?

Lionel does not tell Lex who got him released. He just calls it a miracle. The real miracles are his cure and his apparent moral transformation. Chloe has had sex with "Jimmy" (Olsen) during her internship at the Planet.

Why did Lex invite Lionel to the Mansion? Maybe I missed it. But he does wind up letting Lionel stay in the guest house so maybe that was what he had in mind?

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