Saturday, 5 July 2014

Smallville: Devoted

This episode is "In Loving Memory of Christopher Reeve. 'He made us believe a man can fly.'" Wow. All those memories. That really means something. So this means Dr Swann does not appear in the series again - but he has a representative.

I feel sorry for Chloe in this episode.

Clark asks Lex why he lied to him for so long. Clark's inconsistency is breathtaking. This feels like a Greek tragedy: a hero with a fatal flaw and an inevitable doom. Lex gets Lois into Metropolis U with a single phone call merely because he is a wealthy benefactor? This is not right. So Lois leaves Smallville but will visit. Nothing remains the same for long.

Clark playing football and staying with it is unexpected and I do not see how he can limit the use of his powers. In fact, he is using speed and heat more and more openly in front of others.

Lionel Luthor is in prison so it is appropriate that we do not hear from him for a while although no doubt he will return.

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