Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Smallville: Truth; Smallville: Memoria

I watched these two consecutive episodes end to end. We learn how Pete feels about Chloe and receive confirmation that Lionel had his parents murdered for insurance money to start his business. Lex did this post-Crisis but that crime has now been moved back a generation.

We learn the real basis of the relationship between Lionel and Lex. We already knew that Lionel treats Lex badly, rationalizing this by saying that it is good for Lex.
We now know that Lionel thought that Lex had murdered his younger brother, Julian. We also know that Lex saw his mother kill Julian but suppressed this knowledge to protect his mother from Lionel. Lex as the only heir was safe. His mother would not have been.

But Lionel was already treating Lex badly. Lex's mother killed her second son to protect him from a Luthor upbringing. Lex had wanted Lionel to love him. I cannot understand why.

We have our first sight, in this continuity, of Krypton. Clark already knew his father's name but now learns his mother's. The memory retrieval process utilizes Kryptonite, which weakens Clark.

Lana is leaving? When does Lois arrive?

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