Sunday, 5 May 2013


Supreme    Headquarters     International    Espionage      Law-Enforcement  Division.
Strategic    Hazard               Intervention     Espionage       Logistics                Directorate.
Strategic    Homeland          Intervention     Enforcement   Logistics                Division. 

It changed in the comics and is different on screen.
The second version changes five of six words.
The third version is three words from the second, two (or one and a half) from the first and one new.
H has three possible meanings.
Each other letter has two.
Although "Espionage" appears twice, "Enforcement" had already appeared in "Law-Enforcement."
(The L and E in UNCLE were said to stand for "Law and Enforcement.")
None of the versions makes a lot of sense?
On Earth Real, there was a SHAPE, Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers in Europe.
(James Bond defended SHAPE.)
SHAPE made some sense although a "shape" is less protective than a "shield."
Influenced by SPECTRE, UNCLE etc, I had tried to acronymize SHIELD before I read Marvel Comics.

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