Sunday, 12 May 2013

Smallville: Crush

This is the episode where the Smallville High Principal changes. There are appropriate remarks to Clark about his future and where he is from.

The premise is psychokinesis, not meteor-related. Again, a road accident is a major plot element. As usual, the interesting characters are Chloe and Lex. We realise, if we did not before, that Lana really does feel something for Clark. Do the non-verbals at Whitney's father's funeral mean that Chloe realises that Clark is still focused on Lana?

Clark uses his powers very little. There is the usual running at super-speed when a telephone call alerts him that Chloe is in danger. Invulnerability is useful when psychokinesis is used to make an electric saw fly towards Chloe but Clark arrives in time and stands in the way. Of course, Chloe is lying on the floor unconscious so doesn't notice. Clark and Chloe check out the Daily Planet. Where does Chloe wind up working later?

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