Saturday, 4 May 2013

Smallville: Drone

There are several good story elements here:

Lex tangles with a journalist;
Lana struggles to compete with the Beanery and save the Talon;
Pete and others persuade Clark to run for Class President but Chloe as Editor of the Torch endorses another candidate, who wins;
Clark uses the slogan "Man of Tomorrow", adapted from a remark made by Lex;
Lex says he would like to be President of the United States and Clark offers him the slogan back but Lex tells Clark to keep it (when Luthor became President in comics continuity, he ran as "the Tomorrow Party").

I do not include in this list the fact that another candidate controlled bees and made them attack her rivals. A satisfactory story line could have been composed from the other, listed, elements.

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