Monday, 20 May 2013

Smallville: Obscura

Jonathan Kent accepts Lex's compensation money, then turns it down because Lex starts digging in the field where Clark's ship came down? I fail to follow his reasoning here. It can only make Lex suspicious. And, of course, as Clark says, continually rejecting Lex turns him into what you say he is.

Lex, Hamilton and that reporter move significantly nearer to the secret of Clark's origin. Now is the time for Clark to take Lex, not the others, into his confidence but he cannot stop practising the deception that has been put into him by Jonathan.

It is good to see Chloe looking happy both at a Planet internship and at a date with Clark. There is one reference to her cousin who I think turns out to be Lois Lane? (I am still way behind with Smallville but am happy to move forward at this pace.)

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