Wednesday, 1 May 2013


We had a good discussion in Lancaster Comics Group, the Uncanny League of Astonishing Amazers or the Uncanny League of Amazing Astonishers (whichever way round it is, the Golden Age version was the other way):

I was informed about the Arrow TV series;
we established that it is not in the same continuity as the Smallville TV series;
one difference is that Queen and Luthor are the same age in the former though not in the latter;
there are a few plausible trick arrows;
there are a Roy Harper and a Dinah Lance who could conceivably adopt costumed identities later;
as in Smallville, there are references to DC Universe place names like Bludhaven;
there are some characters named after comics writers, like Grell and Diggle;
Queen was a long time, five years, on the island and there was a lot going on there, revealed in flashbacks;
I was also informed about a detail that I had missed in Iron Man 3 and about upcoming Marvel Movieverse films;
I had not known that the Mandarin was a real villain in the comics;
we expect to meet at First Age Comics for Free Comic Books Day this Saturday;
what's not to like?

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