Monday, 14 April 2014

Creations, Crises And A Crux II

According to the narratives summarized in the previous post:

four universes were created - by God, the Time Trapper, Lucifer and Elaine;
many universes were destroyed - by anti-matter.

There have also been:

three cosmic events - two Crises and one Crux;
two cosmic mergers - of five and three universes;
one cosmic divergence - into two universes;
two assaults on Heaven, the second successful.

Have I missed anything? Yes, there are many series, company-wide crossovers and even inter-company crossovers that I have not read. It all sounds slightly less disorderly when itemized. But such a complex narrative could not have been created by a single author. This is what happens when one company publishes many interconnected monthly titles for seven decades.

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