Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Smallville: Extinction

Clark catches a bullet aimed at Lex. Clark, in a hunting lodge near Smallville, realizes that Lex is on a hit list and immediately runs all the way to Metropolis, arriving just time to catch the bullet. Unacceptable.

Lionel and Lex continue to have problems working together. Chloe learns how low Lionel can stoop. Clark continues not to confide in Lana. Implausible and unnecessary. He did confide in her in the John Byrne

The villain this week learns to shoot Clark with a Kryptonite bullet. Clark sees the bullet coming but it goes through his hand and into his shoulder. The wound heals instantly when Jonathan extracts the bullet.

The villain is in psychiatric detention so will not be believed. Lana almost believed it when he told her that Clark was bullet-proof...

Lex theorizes that some of his own abilities are meteor-derived. That makes sense.

It also makes sense that someone would try to kill the meteor freaks. Unusually for a TV series, many previous episodes are referred to as Lana, Chloe and Clark recall earlier events and name the one-off characters involved.

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