Saturday, 12 April 2014

Smallville: End Of Second Season

Much darker than the end of the First Season. Clark has left on a motor bike, accepting the influence of Red Kryptonite. He and Lana can never get it together but alienate Chloe in any case. Surely Clark ought to tell Lana all his secrets at this point? He says just enough of it to then say that he cannot say any more: the worst possible combination.

Martha loses the baby so continuity gets back on track in that respect.

I would not accept backing from Lionel Luthor for a writing career because I would want to write against him and what he represents but I am not Chloe Sullivan.

Lionel is completely incapable of relating to people except by manipulating them. He likes people to hate him because they are weak when angry. I would like to see Lionel having to adjust to living in a society that obliged him to cooperate with, instead of controlling, others.

Did the Kryptonians send Kal-El to Earth so that he would rule it? Lex Luthor later sees Superman as an alien invader and himself as a champion of Terrestrial humanity against extraterrestrial super-humanity. In the John Byrne/Marv Wolfman version, Luthor became rich by his own unscrupulous efforts. In the Smallville version, he inherits wealth but retains it and prospers through his own, initially benign, efforts.

Either way, a powerful modern myth.

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