Sunday, 13 April 2014

Smallville: Phoenix

Third Season

It only took two episodes to get everything nearly back to normal in Smallville. Lex wants to learn more from Lionel, which edges him closer to being Our Villain. He also moves closer to the Kents, which means that he is being pulled in opposite directions. Lex and Clark have been through comparable experiences and both have risen like Phoenixes.

It was good to see a spontaneous shootout between Lionel's and Edge's men. Did Edge drown in the harbor or survive, knowing as much as he does about Clark? So many people dance around the truth about Clark. Lex stole Clark's blood sample but did not have it analyzed and returned it to Helen. Lionel bought it from Helen and (must have) had it analyzed but did not know it was Clark's. Edge learned it was Clark's but did not tell Lionel. Helen, who knew, is whereabouts unknown.

I find Helen's sudden murderous villainy implausible after everything we knew about her. It confirms the Luthor view of the world, of course. Lionel was right about her all along. Yet again, Clark should trust Lana at the end but the story demands that he doesn't so the relationship between Clark and Lana should have been written differently to fit in better with the story.

We do not yet know what deal Jonathan made with Jor-El's technological ghost.

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