Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Smallville: Accelerate

An apparent ghost who is really a super-fast clone, thus physical, not supernatural.

Whenever Lionel gives Lex a bad time, he is really teaching him. Thus, Lionel can rationalize anything whatsoever. Trying to bribe Helen to leave Lex is a test of her loyalty which she passes so Lex should be grateful to Lionel for this!

Lionel says that the cloned girl, Emily, is the property of LuthorCorp. Property? At the end, Lionel uses his people skills to manipulate Emily.

I thought that Emily's father looked totally dead with something sharp through him at one point but he recovers.

Although the caves are off-screen in this episode, they continue to cause conflict between the Luthors and will return big time in the next episode.

The Kents prepare for Martha's baby. This is a major departure from the existing legend.

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